“Stacey was my first client back in the early days of the internet - Jan. 2000! We continue to do business with her today. Over the years we've ran a variety of campaigns / offers in all forms of internet media. Stacey always has realistic expectations, is a professional, and understands the market. My only gripe is we I wish we could do more business with her! :)”

– Christopher Wright, Senior Director Sales & Marketing, Ampere Media LLC

“Stacey is one of the most sincere and forthright individuals you will ever work with... She truly strives to add value to each relationship for her clients! This is one professional who I would have loved to snatch up for my team, but it is still a great honor to work with her in her current capacity.”

– Chris Scanlon, CEO, PMA Media Group, Inc.

“Stacey is incredible. She knows everyone in the industry and has earned an excellent reputation as being a straight forward, honest and progressive business person. I hope to be working with Stacey for a long, long time. Anyone reading this can rest assured they are reading about a top notch person.”

– Tom Giannelli, Advertising Manager, PrimaryAds

“Stacey knows the online Marketing Business from both ends. The traffic in and the results delivered. Stacey's knowledge of the industry is astounding.”

– Tami Gillis, Campaign manager, Concise Media

“Occasionally, I come across people in the Industry that really stand above the crowd, like they know something that everyone else doesn't, and that gives them an advantage that cannot be replicated. Stacey has even a higher degree. That, combined with her charisma and professionalism makes it easy to want to do business together.”

– Brady Whittingham, Division President, Think Partnership

“I have personally worked with Stacey for many years now (7+) and always had positive experiences with her. She pays attention to details and represents her clients very well.”

– Brian Nelson, CEO, Trancos, Inc.

“Stacey and I have worked together on multiple occasions during my career and in each instance she has used her unique creative ability and charm to deliver superlative results.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

– Daniel Carb – owner Charlez Interactive

“Stacey is one of the best in the industry. Her ethics and the way she conducts business is second to none. Stacey has an extensive knowledge of online marketing and is one of the true veterans in the industry. I highly recommend working with her if the opportunity presents itself.

- Andrew Rapoport, Sr. Account Executive,