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Our company has not only the technical skills, but over 12 years of marketing experience that enables us to achieve the results that other marketing companies can't.

Our staff consists of marketing professionals from a variety of different backgrounds, with years of experience in affiliate management, online marketing, eCommerce, web design and graphics. We all share the same passion for marketing and our experience and understanding of how online media works and how to track results in relation to investment is the backbone of our client's success.
The Affiliate Core can help you gain more exposure and stand out from the competition. We’ll show you how to increase your sales and profits by helping you to compete with the bigger companies and win. The Affiliate Core will provide you with quality, consistency, volume, and sales for your marketing initiatives. From web site design, back end tracking and stats to marketing, we are the company that can help your business succeed. The Affiliate Core will offer you a gateway to success.

Our approach is goal centered. When we begin, we have specific objectives in mind and we set out to reach them. Using a strategic approach, we focus on understanding your customer, your company, your mission, and your goals.

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Option 1: Bronze Package (Marketing)

  • Set up email campaigns
  • Get tested sales leads
  • Control your advertising budget
  • Run multiple campaigns targeted at different customer groups

Option 2: Silver Package (Marketing & Graphics)

  • Everything in Option 1, Plus
  • Email and banners
  • Website creation/ modifications
  • Logo and design concept

Option 3: Gold Package (Marketing, Graphics and eCommerce)

  • Everything in Options
    1 & 2, Plus
  • Online CRM
  • Affiliate Tracking / Management
  • Full eCommerce solution