Who We Are

The Affiliate Core is a Canadian-based full scale Advertising and Marketing agency operating out of Toronto, Canada.

Launching an offer these days can be as much fun as swimming in a pool filled with hungry sharks. In a way it is
The online advertising community believe it or not is still in its infancy stage, and it is changing every day. Changes include government regulations, advertising agencies going IN and OUT of business, members of the advertising community jump from being employed by one agency to another. So many changes, it makes your head spin.
True Story
As a business owner, when you decide to take your product to a new level, you get dragged into the drama whether you like it or not. Just recently we dealt with a client who was attempting to launch his product online. The experience he had will sound unfortunately typical to what anyone else experiences when they do it on their own.

Our client (we’ll call him Mr. X) is a savvy businessman who had great success in the past with direct marketing and some radio. He of course was aware of the online advertising community and decided to jump in feet first. When he started doing his research he found himself at one of the industry’s GO TO trade show.
Trade show down
As Mr. X started doing his rounds and handing out cards to all the advertising agencies, he started to get that funny feeling. You know the feeling of being approached by a car salesman on a used car lot, except that feeling was magnified 1,000 times. Every agency he spoke to had basically promised him the world, that getting an offer like the one he had was an easy thing to do, and in fact they were responsible for getting 1K sales / day to someone with a similar offer and now were looking for someone JUST like that offer to replace the previous one. Being savvy and all, he started to smell a rat.
Here he was, wondering “can it really be this easy?” “Do I just sign on a dotted line and offer them exclusive rights because they are just this good?” His gut was telling him otherwise so he was smart enough not to engage into any contracts with anyone. After 2 days and handing out hundreds of cards, he packed his bag and went home to “sleep on it”. The whole experience left him confused and wondering “What just happened?”
The reality
What happened is nothing out of the ordinary. These shows are often filled by new employees whose only job is to bring in as many exclusive offers into the rotation. They don’t care if the offers work or not, I mean they care but they will first get you in, test your offer and hang it on their network as some trophy. Some agencies will go as far as ask for prepay before they bring you all those thousands of sales / day. How I wish it was so.
They do get a lot of people stuck in their complex webs; people unfortunately turn a blind eye in an effort to satisfy their need for sales. After all, if you wanted a glass of water and you had all these people offer to fill it, would you be that suspicious? Why would they make all these promises if they can’t deliver?  All valid questions, the answers are quiet simple.
Thousands of offers
There are literally thousands of offers in every industry, all looking for the same thing, sales and more sales, all competing with each other, trying to outsmart and out pay and sometimes even go as far as stealing each other’s creative. So industries unique approach to dealing with this much volume is to take SIGN-HERE-ASK-QUESTIONS-LATER approach, after all there are gold diggers that are constantly digging looking for that jackpot. Realistically only 5% of the offers are the type of offers that truly make it online, so they sign on as many as possible to hopefully grab up as much of that 5% of gold as possible. It’s a good thing isn’t it?

Yes and No, these agencies are all capable of bringing in some sales, but if you owned a gold mine, would you want to have 1 person mining it?
Top of the food chain
I am sure you were aware of some or all of these circumstances, so you must be wondering “Okay so the industry is a ‘bit’ messed up, what can you do to propel my offer to the top?” or you maybe even wondering “Sounds too crazy, why would I bother with this b.s.?”, all valid concerns. Let me tell you what The Affiliate Core can do that will make this a no brainer for you.
Yes, we attend the same shows as the rest of the unsuspected folks. We do however go to these shows for totally different reasons; our reasons are not to hand out our business cards to barely trained sales. Our job is to meet with our long standing friends, friends who happen to be owners & managers of these ad agencies. We wine and dine them, we maintain amazing relationships, the type of relationships that benefit our clients. How can these relationships propel your offer to the top?

The answer is simple; we bypass the lineup and go straight to the VIP room. Your offer is NOT hung on the wall, your offer is examined in great detail, and it is tested immediately.

Benefits of being on top of the food chain:

  • Straight answers, no default b.s. that gets fed to everyone else
  • Instant trust established between agencies and your company
  • Ability to get your offer into the hands of THE TOP networks within 4 weeks of getting started

Wait, I left out an important part! SALES! After the testing begins, you will immediately begin getting results on how well your offer is performing. If you are not an instant success, no worries! Make some adjustments and here comes round 2, we try again and again. If you’re an instant success, congrats! If you aren’t, we’ll help you test it out as you work on it. It’s not a question of IF, it’s WHEN.
So WHEN you hit the jackpot, this is when the flood gates can begin opening up and the rest is history.
What and how much

To summarize what The Affiliate Core is prepared to do for you that will absolutely propel you to the top of advertising online game:

  • Email Marketing
  • Negotiation and purchase of online media
  • Share in the development and evaluation of campaign creative
  • Brand/product evolution
  • Web Design and Web Site Development
  • Web Site Hosting
  • E-Commerce and eBusiness Solutions
  • Create integrated strategies to develop and expand existing sales and leads
  • Quality affiliate partners for your offer through creation of publisher database
  • Grow those publisher/partner relationships while maintaining the economic goals of the company
  • Continuous development of senior level relationships w/top online media web properties